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Moodz : Uncertainties

When reality sets in, its a hard pinch he.

When its just dreaming and visualising and hoping, it seemed more fun and exciting.

I do not dare to look beyond. Just like the lesson of ski. Look at the next point that you would like to head to, don’t look yet beyond the slopes, for the unseen and uncertainties will just scare our wits off.

That’s what I will do now. Step by step.

Nevertheless, I know, all my chantings these days (haven’t chanted as much in the last 10 years as I did in these last 2 weeks!) will lead me in the right flow of life! The power of the mystic law!

Step 1 is achieved. I think I will soon start a new life in a new place.

Wish me luck and I sure will miss you all!

One thought on “Moodz : Uncertainties
  • (Jedi) MamboStevie says:

    hmmm.. chanting? wat kinda?
    good luck for ya new life in new place..

    maybe the force be with you too..

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