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Moodz : Manneken Pis

Guess what! Soon I’ll start new series of adventures in a land where wine flows down the stream and chocolates grows on the trees 😉

I certainly look forward to it!

And will keep sharing the little funny and not-so-funny stories and adventures that my path crosses and my eyes catches and that my mind registers (being the forgetful me, I know you will all forgive me as when needed) Ok!

For now, nothing much to report because it is ALL boring forms to fill, getting a doctor to inpect me upsidedown, insideout – to make sure no teeny weeny fellas that will take a ride with me to the new land and papers and forms and more papers :S

In fact, I will soon go living is where this lil fella stands pissin – Manneken Pis!

  • He even has his own website 😉
  • The most famous belgian boy! Muahaahhahah

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