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Eventz : 2006 Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Some pictures to share the vibrant and excitement of Chinese New Year celebrations!

We celebrate this occasion for 15 days from the start of the Lunar calender.

Its a vibrant celebration (very exhausting, at least for me!) where all family, relatives, friends, neighbours gather around.

The married ones give “hong bao” (red packet containing money) to the singles (so lucky me!!!) Forgot to take a picture of hong bao though!

Getting ready in position to Lou Hei!

Absolute mess!

Everyone is concentrating to toss it the highest! The more luck it will bring for this year!


Phew, what a sight!

Lotsa home cooked food!

And drinks! ** Burp!

Greetings to one another!
Gong xi! Gong xi!



More gambling!!!!!

Getting ready for family shoot!

Ma cousins! :)

The TEHsss!

And lastly, Cherry Blossoms and Mandarin Oranges… A must in every home!

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