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Moodz : Au Revoir Swiss

So here I am, back again in Kiasu-land 😉

Man, just been lookin at the blogs nominated for Bloggies 2006 and they do look interesting. Look at mine! Its just a squarish me, writing about me boring stuff :)

Anyway, just got back from Swiss. Picture perfect place, great air, wonderful sceneries, interesting people but bad food :( At least, the cold dishes and weird smelling cheese still did not get to me!

Been starving the whole week there. Sandwich lady this morning said I look as if I’ve lost weight, so I guess, bless the swiss food!

Joke of the week was the chinese girl, jet black hair in a pink rented ski suit, trying to ski but instead rolling on her bum down the wonderful slopes of the Alps. I think that is a hilarious sight! Absolutely million dollar scene!

Anyway, I twisted my knee at the end. For a moment, I thought I broke something. Heard a crack. Ma heart stopped a beat. Then I wiggled my right leg – ok. Wiggled my left leg – ok too. So I tried to stand up. Pain shot right up. Anyway, poor chinese girl limped all the way down slope at the end.

Nevertheless, I am home and beaming with joy.

Chinese girl beaming! Life is beautiful!

** Big kiss!

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