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Moodz : A picture paints a thousand words

Just my mood today. Nostalgia. Been looking through my collections of pictures especially those of the last trip. I’ve been trying to master the skill of taking potraits of faces. Out of the hundreds pictures, I DID managed to catch a few good ones. I will post it once I figure how to put up a picture on this blog.

Woke up late today and so missed my morning deal to pick up a friend. I felt so bad! One of my new year resolution is to be PUNCTUAL. I’ve gotta try harder…

Realised time is passing by. One of the things that I would like to do is to take have good and natural pictures of myself taken every 5 years and to make a scrapbook – my looks in this lifetime. You know, I will never look like me today again tomorrow nor anyone else, will ever look like me at this particular moment. Every moment is unique. Every moment is a change. The only permanent thing is change. Environment, thoughts, feelings, even down to our very cells.

With this realisation, I would want to treasure my every moments. Making every moment fulfilling.

And thus, this would be the inspiration I would like my little project of “Faces in a lifetime” to be.

Also, with pictures taken by different photographer, one can see that view of each is also unique.


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