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Moodz : Rain Rain Go Away…

Awww. The gloomy weather wears my energy away. Darn. Don’t know why but I just feel so lethargic and sleepy and down :(

Not exactly down. Since last night, 2 friends has made a comment that I am looking different. But they just can’t explain it. One said its as if I walk with a happy hop in my steps. And he asked me, ‘Are you in love or looking for love?!’

Ha, what a question!

I guess, I am just happy turning into the New Year with lotsa new resolutions and determination to do things.

I’ve started my french lessons since Monday. Its really difficult for me to pronounce it still. I guess need to tame and train my tongue a little 😉 Wish me luck!

Had a long dinner last night. At the end, we named it the ‘Naming Convention’ and took pictures to commemorate the occasion. It was to name my soon-to-arrive baby! Of course, being the god-ma, I have to start playing my role even before her arrival.

We thought of many good names, some funny, some hilarious. Altogether, it was a good evening spent with many good friends. Couple of names (only my favourites) :

Keira Lee
Kate Lee
Hannah Lee
Charlotte Lee
Naomi Lee

Keira is the favourite of many. Unique, unusual and for me, the name brings to me a sense of strength and yet deep beauty.

I should start exploring how to put up some pictures to perfect my blog he. Perhaps tonight. (But I think its gonna be another long nite!)

Also, this week is kindda special… kicking off 2006, I’ve since spoken to 2 long lost friends. We kindda got hooked up again via MSN and also Friendster (Wonders of Tech inventions).

BCP – She was my senior in high school. At a certain point, I was kindda heels-over her. Its weird but she was really my idol when I was about 14 years old. Brought her gifts, wrote her letters, visiting her home. But I guess, that turned her off quite a bit and she stayed away from that little weird me. But now that we talk about it, we laughed and mulled over it. She said, ‘I hope you do not have that fansies of me anymore’… Nay, I date men only 😉 But indeed it was good to catch up all those lost years (almost 10 years!) We’ll probably meet up in 2 weeks time when she’s back from Barce.

YYYY – She was my classmate in primary school. We were in the same class till we were 8 years old. Somehow, she texted me last night, just asking, how r ya? Then decidedly, I will not succumb to entirely words and emoticons, I picked up the phone and called her (although part of me was still debating, maybe she’s too busy to talk? maybe she’s not interested to talk?) Then, we spoke for a good hour and it was indeed nice to hear her. Eventhough in my mind, I still have the vision of the 8 year old who used to be my best mate. Immediately I checked out her picture in Friendster and voila, what a babe! She’s so pretty! Surely we’ll try to meet up within this week.

Indeed, life’s little pleasures. I can’t explain but I just love to be in touch with people who had once pass the path of our lives.

As I was looking through my phone book today (gotta get some deleted because my phone memory is full!) and I can’t help to think that some of the friends that I’ve made and our path has crossed, we might never have a chance to cross it again.

And with that thought, I shudder. Yea, we only live once.

That’s why these chances to meet up old friends is indeed precious. Everyone has their own journey in life and there’s certainly many things to share and to learn from one another.

** She smiles and looks forwards to all the dinners she has promised for the week. It will be a hectic week though… But WTH, we only live once! Enjoy!

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