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Moodz : Lost in Translation

After the birthday fever is over, I guess this is exactly how I felt – lost in translation.

So much thoughts, so little time.

But in anycase, as I crosses the minutes into my 27th year of existence – i redetermined to renew my determinations :) – to live a glorious life, fulfilled and all happiness.

How? Where do I go from here? I realised this year, I’ve done pretty nothing much except for too much workings and partyings. Of course, the travellings has been a plus points but yet, the enthusiasm has died down and the travels has become a part of the job. I know, I should strike myself out of this ritual and make values in every moment of my life.

Therefore, here comes 2006 and its time again to brainstorm and write my resolutions for the new year.

Meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me again!

** She smiles an everlasting smile

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