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Moodz : Me, myself and Ms Teh

I am back as Ms Teh. For I am still Ms Teh.

I feel its more me than ever. Even though I love Nam but I am still Ms Teh.

So, I am going thru the changing of my blog nick and space name again.

3rd time this week! ** Grinning

Today I am feeling fine, looking little bohemia eventhough I am not! Pulled out a black top this morning, took off my necklace, put on dangling earings, jeans (was contemplating between jeans or real bohemia long skirt) and a black stilts.

Been wanting to work hard like a dog today (Nam is a bad example of a doggie, because he is super duper lazy) and I did! Till now… I can’t resist to pen a couple of thoughts down.

Its weekend! We are going to have a bbq party for Ms YS’s birthday. Its going to be fun fun fun. Was supposed to be a small private party, containing only 10 people but we couldn’t resist inviting this friend and that friend and now its almost a party of >20!!! Phew!

But yummy yummy yummy, my stomach is already rumbling!

Little creature is coming down this evening with her beau. For Quidam. We’ll have dinner tonight.

Sunday, I wanna just sleep sleep sleep and be a lazy Ms Teh.

Will I resist?

** She tries to take a picture of her bohemic self but…

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