I've got the sun in my eyes


Moodz : The sun shines on me

This morning I felt so down. I had a sleepless night and was in the office by 9am. Went for breakfast with the team, little noodle ate, few words exchanged. Mr S called me shortly afterthat for coffee. Little chats here and there. Spoke a lengthy call with Ms P though.

During lunch, I had to go home to pay the nice lady who helps to clean my place.

As I walked home, the sun was shinning so brightly that its impossible to stay in my dark dark gloomy world. The world just shone before my very eyes. The sun is indeed therapuetical.

Gave her daughters my old handbags and some dresses that I have out grown of. She’s so delighted! And that brings a smile to me face.

Read the papers as I rested waiting for her in my room.
It just struck me hard – I should NOT be in the glum when the sun is shining, I have a good job and safe from any natural disasters. More than 30 000 people believed to have suffered and perished from the 7.6-magnitude earthquake in Pakistan last Saturday.

Man, it just struck me out of my daziness. What a duh I’ve been!

I wish I can do more for those people in Pakistan. Meantime, I’ll send my prayers to them – for those who perished to be enlighten, and for those who survived, to have the strength to move on.

Nam myoho renge kyo.

Its amazing how couple of hours ago, I was so lowdown, feeling as though the world is crumbling upon me. And next moment, I see the world and the vast beauty it holds around me.

** A quiet smile forms.

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