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Moodz : Finding oneself

See! I’ve changed my blog outlook again. I am still searching for my identity.

Too much thoughts passing thru my mind whenever I wanted to write. For first, me and my big mouth proudly informed a couple of friends about my blogspace. So there’s a kind of apprehensive feelings within me to write from yours truly. Cuz then perhaps my friends might know the other side of me, or might laugh at me for being silly, or…

Well, these thoughts are pretty normal I guess. On a day-to-day, one tends to only show the facade of oneself, shielding the innerself. Defense? I guess that is just being human.

I always remind myself, pinch myself to remain yours truly, to be me, myself, Ms Teh.

!!Couple of things been happening!!

I am still on pills :-) – for flu, thyroid, sorethroat, me-poor-kidneys.

What I really want for Christmas, is being ALL WELL!

And that is of utmost importance. So I’ve resolute to stop drinking (well, still trying!), have good sleep, exercise regularly, healthy food, drink lotsa water.

The pills are kind of muddling up my head. Puts me in a daze. Eventhough I am still functioning, but that really need lots of efforts and concentrations. Too exhausting!

Good things? I’ve got a new 3G phone so I can make some video calls and make funny faces to me friends. Also, off to Phuket for a girly weekend. (Yippee!!!)

Also, I’ve started a thread on PatchWorkCowen forum about Optimism and had been having many comments, inputs, thoughts, debates from people all over. Which is indeed interesting. I’ll probably put up the whole thread here once we have closed on that topic.

The Patchwork Coven is a discussion group devoted towards religious tolerance and understanding. In today’s press, religions are all too often used as adjectives to violence. Many of these imposed definitions rise out of the ignorance or misunderstandings that one religious group has for another group’s basic beliefs. The PC strives to end this division between religions and philosophies by encouraging active dialogue on current events, ideas, or even basic dogmas. Since it is generally agreed upon that open dialogue cannot take place in a restrictive environment, therefore the PC is an unmoderated discussion group.

Also, attended a talk by Prof Amitav Archaya last Friday. The topic was about “Peace and Security in a Globalised World”. Very interesting insights gained. I’ll share more about this talk some other day.

Other than that, I spent my whole weekend revamping my bedroom – identifying myself with my bedroom :-) I love it now!

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