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Moodz : One night in Beijing

** Grinning.

It just reminds me of the song “One night in Beijing”.

Actually I spent more than a night in Beijing. Was there the whole of last week for a conference. My dad came along with me too. Its his first visit to Beijing. I think (and really hope) he enjoyed the trip!

I managed to make a quick undecisive decision last Saturday, grabbed my brand new 350D from Comex and made it for the trip.

So, my dad was my first model. Took almost 300++ pictures of him! :)

I want to learn to capture the moments of a person’s expression. There was a few good “lucky” shots from my trip. I’ll post it up in my picture blog real soon.(eyesofcosmosbuddha.blogspot.com)

No inspirations to write lately. I guess the crazy workload had me rushing through my hours :(

But I’ve been motivated to a different path lately. I’ve been motivated and firmly believe that I have loads of potential within me (as anyone else!). And I will and want to develop myself further.

To nurture myself with the qualities needed to make a CEO 😉

Big fat dream? I don’t think so. I think its an exciting challenge.

In some ways, my ideals has changed. But I still do want to become an ambassador for the UN or even to be the president ** chuckled! Nevertheless, I need to instill the business senses in me, know the economic impacts, historical tales – basically widen my view. For now, my view has been a bird’s eye view of completing my job tasks, self development (facials, manicures, shopping, holidays – little luxuries in life!), family, friends, birthdays, weddings, etc. I would say for now my life revolves around my very own globe.

I want to do great things in this lifetime. I want to make a significant impact that will help humanity. And also the world.

I mean I do read books, daily papers but that’s mostly for info sake. I want to bring myself to another level.

I want to start my MBA next year (but no money! :( I’ll figure something out)

Also, another reflection. I went shopping at the silk market in Beijing. Well, well, I would say I didnt enjoy the post-shopping internal-effects.

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