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Moodz : The Baby

Good news!!! Mr J & Ms S gonna have a baby soon! They are really excited about it. When I got the news, I was indeed exhilarated!

I love babies. They depict purity, clarity, and innocence. There’s always a big bang of emotions within me when I see one. It pleases me with just watching them smile for I know the rare real smiles.

True emotions. Unmixed. No doubts. So untouched.

I could still remember the first newborn I held in my arms. She was just in this big big world 20 minutes before I held her. It was in year 2001. Her name is Chloe, Jo’s darling girl. I just so stunned for the 5 minutes that I held her. So soft, so pure, so fragile. And I quickly handed her back to the nurse, I wanted to make sure she’s safe.

Also, I’ve made up my mind to get the Panasonic FX9. I’ll get it tomorrow. Its really cool and after reading the reviews, I really believe in the camera and can’t wait to get it. I’ll take some nice pictures and share them here :)

Otherwise, my mind is still super hyper, trying very hard to have good concentration on things… need real real efforts!!! Even to get a good night sleep!

Trying to phantom my current emotions. And I think I am really feeling lost. Where my passions gone? Except for the excitement of the new camera, new baby and nam, I do not look forward to anything else :(

I think my work stresses is getting into me. I’ll work hard tomorrow to clean up my tasks at work, then I’ll do some reorganisation of my thoughts.

Till then.

“Happiness lies in the joy of others”

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