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Moodz : After a long long time…

“After a long long time…” I thought its a part of lyrics of some songs… but yet I can’t figure it out which.

Anyway, its been a long time since I last wrote. I have no inspirations. I have not some quiet moments. I have only feeling of rushness, actually not much feelings at all because the past weeks have been crazy and I can’t feel the very minute of it.

I hate to have this kind of feelings you know. Like at this particular moment, I just felt my life of past 2 weeks was just washed down through a path in a heavy storm… Didn’t get to feel the morning sun shinning down my black hair, hearing the birds chirping away…

Mornings of these couple of days, I was just clacking away in my heels to hail a quick impatient taxi – and unknowingly, I would sigh of relieved that I’ve got onto a cabby who’s driving is as the madness of my emotions. Rush rush rush… quick quick quick…

In fact I was in HK last whole week but it did not left me with much impressions except for lotsa points to follow up jotted in my notes.

This moment, I was just going to put a DOT – a fullstop. From this moment, again, I hope I’ll remember to savour every moment, like how one savour the delicate dishes of a french cuisine. Bon!

Ah yes, I bought 2 books at the airport again :
– Sokudo (The hot new puzzle craze)
– Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Be back soon!

2 thoughts on “Moodz : After a long long time…
  • Randy E. says:

    “Washed down a path.” It’s too easy to get caught up in the rush of living everyday, and forget about taking time out to both enjoy life and wonder about it. I have to regularly force myself out of my routine so I can take time to think about life, instead of merely living it.
    -I don’t know about french cuisine, but the local barbecue restaurant suits me just fine. Also, good to know someone else enjoys Sudoku (Sokudo?).
    -Out of curiousity, I hit the “next blog” button on the top of my site to see where it would take me. You have a nice blog here!

  • Ms Teh says:

    Ha, its sure is SUDOKU!!! My typo!

    Thanks for the note!

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