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Tickles : I love Malaysia!

Got this from a pamplet I picked up at e CuRVe! I thought it was funny and entertaining!

10 Reasons Why We Love MaLaYSia!!!

1 – Night Life in Malaysia is extraordinary – almost everything you can do during the day time, you can do it at night too! Malaysia Boleh!!!

2 – If you are hungry and there is no cutlery, eating with your hands is acceptable here. *Hoorah*

3 – One of the cheapest places on Earth where you buy five pairs of shoes a month and still strut around in them as if there were from Prada.

4 – The variety of national costumes we have can certainly inspire any fashion designer.

5 – Its lovely how we take every opportunity to celebrate all festivals and celebrations. So muhibah!!!

6 – Feeling hungry at some ungodly hour? Pop by to a 24-hour mamak and get a roti canai or teh tarik.

7 – Old Colonial houses, an interesting signboard or a peeling shop house with 1940s typography or a big old tree in the middle of nowhere is just charming.

8 – Food such as kuih-muihs, nasi lemak, bak kut teh, roti canais – the list will just go on and on and on… *yummm*

9 – Its wonderful that we have so many public holidays. FYI: Selangor has the most holidays in the whole country!

10 – Who needs Greek myths when we have our own Cerita Lagendas abounding with curses, the supernatural and etc.

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