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Philopz : Optimism

(Actually I wrote this sometime ago, wanted to send it to all my good friends but I think somehow I didn’t really complete my write up. Anyway, here it goes… )

I really would like to share this insight that I gained, in fact that struck the cord in me when I was reading the book – One by One, The World Is Yours To Change, written by Daisaku Ikeda.

Particularly this sentence quoted by Dr. Seligman – Optimism is hope. It is not the absence of suffering. It is not always being happy and fulfilled. It is the conviction that though one may fail or have a painful experience somewhere, sometime, one can take action to change things.

I should give an introduction about Dr. Seligman.

Martin Seligman (1942 – ), US – is known for pioneering work in the promotion of “positive psychology” including the study of positive emotion, positive character traits and positive institutions.

He is a Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology in the Departments of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a best-selling author of optimism and the creation of happiness. He was president of the American Psychological Association for 1996.

I could have just copied the entire chapter to share but I would like to share it with a gist of my personal view as well.

I believe how we can contribute to humanity and the most powerful tool we can share and teach another person is how to be happy. Not making happiness for others.

Its like the analogy that often been quoted, teaching one to fish instead of fishing for others.

It has always been my passion to do – to teach another the secret to be happy. My contribution to humanity.

But I have not been able to grasp the whole concept within myself and put them in words.

From this article, it struck me. Perfect in its words.

“Psychological revolution”. In Gakkai, we called it “Human Revolution”.

It is indeed important to have awareness, realization within ourselves. Often, the unconscious dialogue we conduct within ourselves when we face obstacles , since we do not notice it, becomes habitual.

Dr. Seligman suggested that to be aware of our inner-thoughts, one way is that to write down what we are thinking to ourselves when we are in a situation. Put in positive words for ourselves.

We should practice optimistic thinking, inscribing optimistic phrases in our minds.

For me, I believe, apart from writing (I still do write diaries!), our practise is a method to engrain positive habits of mind. Once we have acquired the skill of being optimistic, we never lose it.

** She sits back and smile. Its a wonderful day today, isn’t it? Tell it to her if it isn’t.

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