I've got the sun in my eyes



I am in a good mood! :)

Work does give me a kind of satisfaction afterall. I love my job. Isn’t that great!

Was pretty stressed up last week due to a very tight schedule and it was also a new experimental project. But on this Tuesday, we proved it works! :) YahOoo!

Also, today I’ve realised that there is actually people reading my blog. And giving nice comments which is very very encouraging.

I’ve not been writing much lately. Wasn’t really sure if my blog is heading the way I would like it to. But having some people reading it (perhaps only a few) is a good start and hopefully we’ll be able to have a two-way sharings where we can learn from each other via this blog.

No one is exactly perfect, but I count myself lucky to have a very positive outlook on things in life and I would like to share this with people. I have read this somewhere that being positive is not a born with feature 😉 It’s like a habit. We can nurture ourselves to be this way. Thus we’ll all be happier people. And thus we’ll achieve our objectives for a peaceful world.

But of course, I do go thru from what I call the winter seasons (depressive modes). Most important is how we stand up again after we fall again and again. That’s life!

I’ll run the excerpt from the book I read shortly. It’ll be good to know that we are in control of our lives.

Live life to the fullest! Definately!

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