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I was just thinking so much today about how I would like to structure my blog properly. You know like what kinds of things that I would like to write about – to have sense of identity. Else it’ll just be thrash reading.

I would like to categorise my blogs in fact, e.g. :

– daily thotz : things that happen day to day
– humanism : my thoughts and work (in progress) for humanity
– photography : elaboration of my work to remember my feelings and emotion at the particular moment the picture was captured
– philosophy : sharings of ideas that help me to develop myself into a stronger person
– book review : (straight forward, ain’t it?)
– past memories : stories about my growing years
– NaM : (I share this blog space with best dog, NaM) Woof!
– misc : some wild ideas or encounters that do not fall into any of the other categories

But how? I am not yet an html expert and there is no such tool in blogger :(

Shud I categorise it in the title itself? E.g.

Bookz : The Republic


2 thoughts on “Thotz
  • Christopher says:

    Amazing job on your Blog! I’ll definatly be coming back. If interested, my site is on the new PS3.

  • Tea Drinker says:

    thats a lot of categories. i guess ur a pretty structured person. :)

    but i think ur idea of putting the category in front of the title would work. its simple and everyone could understand that.


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