I've got the sun in my eyes


Cherry Pink to Bloody Red!

Pppfff I am on the verge of exploding!

Emotional turmoil he! I really wish I can do something where I can help others where it creates more value in life. Rather than for business purposes.

My greatest dream is to be a true humanist, working for UN and making a big difference to people of the world.

But well, for now reality sucks! Its about survival for now. I’ll give myself another 5 years. Meantime, I’ll polish myself in character and innerself to be a pose, calm, objective and strong person. Also, a cheerful and happy person that can shine lights into others life!

At least now I learn to grit my teeth hard in conflicts, controlling my anger and be objective. Let the other party blow… aheheh!

That’s a characteristic which I believe we can learn and nurture in ourselves. Be level-headed. But sometimes I do have bad temperaments – and during these moments, I know better to go home and hid in my room. Calm myself and do something that makes meself happy.


Anyway, its good again now. I think I am beginning to get a hang of it. You know, supressing my emotional part, think rationally, and doing a good explanation so that people understand my point. There is definately no bad intentions. At least from within me. I certainly try my best in everything, even if this may not be my passion 😉

Things I learnt today: Control anger, things will get the better of us.

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