I've got the sun in my eyes


Dark Stormy Night

The caption certainly reflects my mood this night.

Well, we human really fluctuates within the ten worlds. One moment we are estatic, next moment, feels like every wall of our life crumbles :(

Each night I take the same path, walking home from the subway station. But tonight, everything on my path looks ugly to me. Just because I’ve just had a bad day… or should I just say some bad moments (because its not exactly the whole day that was bad!), the views that my eyes read are different!

Even the trees by my home looks evil. Yikes!

Anyway, after a good dinner, some tv watching (hardly my kind of activity, but for today its good to divert my mind)… well, well, well, all is well again!

Human emotions he. Can we ever control it?

I think I am a very emotional person. A person who feels too much. But I hardly shows it. Its all beneath the facade of me. I can’t be in the corporate world, being business-like, emotionless and having nothin affecting me. I can’t. Every word, gesture of people means a lot to me. Like today, it was due to some miscommunication that a colleague went BAZoOo with me. I did nothing wrong actually. After her outburst, I wasn’t angry with her, but I just felt so bad that I had in some ways ruined her day, made her angry. It just made me feel real bad.

Happiness to me means giving joy to others.

Anyway, with some very patient and sincere explanation (some apologies on behalf of nature that she’s had accidental angry moments – not ignited on purpose), she cooled down and also said sorry to me for her outburst :)

So its bedtime now. I am going to Lala-land :) My world where the SMURFs’ tune sings at the background…

I still owe the sharings about my watching Oprah last night.

** She closes her eyes and slipped into Lala-land whilst NaM is already sound asleep beside her

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