I've got the sun in my eyes


Beautiful Sunday!

Yesterday was beautiful day – at least for the first 2 hours after I opened my eyes from my deep deep sleep :)

Since the sun was shining, and with my so-called determination to exercise (I felt guilty putting it off again and again), I took NaM for a run by the river. Only did 2.5km though ** grinning sheepishly.

The river was exceptionally beautiful – the color was black (or perhaps dark green?) and I could see schools of fishes swimming around with joy. Really! (Of course, there were plastics bags here and there bobbing around, but I them as imaginery jelly fishes in the rivers!!! Ahehe)

There was a man in the river. Water was up to his waist, and he was fishing! Hardly a scene that we can catch anymore these days in a metropolitan city.

Well, well, after the said beautiful day, the sun left and down came the heavy rain!

4 things I wanted to accomplish on Sunday:
– laundry
– bath NaM
(I hate the water, but love the scrubbing on my back… mmm woof!)
– organise my wardrobe
– organise my shoes (a whole collection!)

Managed to complete the first 3 tasks. You see, I try to be a organised person. Truth is I need to specify my objectives else I’ll feel lost and empty or too messed up. So I have my life’s objectives, 5 years plan, annual resolutions, monthly targets, weekly objectives and also daily plans :)

The evening was wonderful. Yeni cooked dinner – ribeye steak with sour cream & bacon stuffed boiled potato and vegatables. Also with a bottle of red wine (1999).

Manage to watch the Oprah show and it was really good! I’ll share about it more tonight.

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