I've got the sun in my eyes


Official 1st BLOG!


So finally I’ve made up my mind with a url address that I thought is not so lame – can’t be lame as its my name. Gee!

Was thinking to myself this morning, its a weird timing to start my blog. If only I could have, I would have love to blog my mind out since day one of my birth! :)

Well, but that’s impossible. And so I have to make up now for the past 26 years un-blogged!

And before even I could get started, there was this big internal war about the url, about the title of my blog, even about how should I be writing it – in proper English, or in Singlish or the new chic “SMS”-lish :)


However, being a perfectionist I am, I’ll try to do my best in my most puuurrrfect English!

Here we go!

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