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e bus ride

feeling like small caps – being chic. if u know what i mean. gone were the days of capital letters, nor ‘s’, nor proper spellings. its cool – e way v write thez stuffz…

aheha (in person, i actually could do a good replication of this laugher – ahehehahe)

Anyway, those are not what I wanted to blog today. It was about the bus ride. And how I wish that I could blog as I think because now I have to recap what I had thought this morning during the bus ride. And it seemed whole lot more interesting then ;P (I should check out the mobile blogging thingy!!!)

First, I started thinking about what if one would know that I had in fact missed my “7mins” bus and took instead the “14mins” bus, one would have said, what a waste of time! This bus took me round to River Valley, ChinaTown and to my destination!

However, I did enjoyed the quiet “14mins” I had this morning, drowning myself in my headphones, feeling invisible to the world, fascinated by the morning madness. At least, beneath everything, I found beauty! It brings a quiet smile to my face.

Well, well, first I staggered onto the bus (blame it on the heels!) – very unladylike (as usual!). There was a couple sitting across me, laughing, smiling, sharing a magazine. Touching each other’s hand lovingly every now and then. Ah, LOVE!

People keep getting on and off the bus. I wonder where do they head to, what do they do, what do they think. You know, its impossible to find 2 people who is gonaa do the same thing at the same moment. Or even at least have the same thought. People busy opening their shops, getting ready for the day’s business.

A lady running after the bus, waving undecidedly (I would have done the same I suppose) but the bus driver didn’t stop for her eventhough the next minute, our bus was stuck at the red lights. Well, he could have stopped for her!

And 101 things was on my mind, all the time, every moment. I wanna do this, I wanna do that. Phew! But I knew today, I wanna start blogging.

At least there is a space where I can keep these thoughts. You know, I do not have a proper filling system in my mind, so its in a big mess. Perhaps a blogging habit will be like downloading emails into an archives, so that my mailbox has more space… TO THINK MORE! Oh nooo…

(I do still pen my thoughts in a diary – do not laugh! I do that since I was 12 years old. I still carry a notebook aka diary everywhere I go now. My collection of diaries has grown to a few boxes and my ma is threatening to clean them up. Is there anyway I can “e” them? I meant, digitize them. Ahehehe!)

But what a great morning! ** A quiet smile formed on her lips as she sat through the bumpy ride.

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